Basic Tracheostomy

Tracheostomy Essentials

What is tracheostomy?

Learn the basics of tracheostomy including timing and tracheostomy tube procedures​.

Complications of tracheostomy

Discover the short and long term complications of tracheostomy.

Articles and Perspectives



Tracheomalacia is a structural abnormality of the tracheal cartilage allowing collapse of its walls and airway obstruction.  The trachea is made up of 16 to 20

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Inhalation and exhalation with tracheostomy

Is Tracheostomy Permanent?

Whether the tracheostomy is permanent or temporary depends on the initial indication for tracheostomy. Sometimes during placement, it is difficult to predict the amount of time one will require a tracheostomy tube.

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tracheostomy simulation lab

Tracheostomy Simulation Lab

Each year more and more tracheostomy procedures are performed and in the current setting of Covid-19 we can expect more procedures being performed.  However, clinicians

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