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    Adult Tracheostomy Care Webinar: Home Edition

    Adult Tracheostomy Care: Home Edition Webinar 20% off!  Now available! AARC CEU- 1.0 contact hours Adult Tracheostomy Care: Home Edition is a 1 hour recorded webinar which provides information about performing tracheostomy care for adult patients in the home environment. Learn about suctioning, inner cannulas (disposable vs non-disposable), tracheostomy tube cleaning (if indicated), stoma care, cuff management, humidification and communication with the interdisciplinary team.  Education is a main role of respiratory therapist in the home environment.  Videos are used to aide in learner comprehension of tracheostomy care.  A sample interdisciplinary communication form will be provided as well as home care guideline samples. Webinar objectives
    • Identify the indications for and complications of a tracheostomy
    • Note the differences and limitations of tracheostomy care at home versus acute care
    • Demonstrate how to perform trach care (inner cannula changes, site care, cuff management, suctioning)
    • Identify the steps for tracheostomy tube changes
    • Discuss patient/family education for humidification, oxygen, nebulizers, and mechanical ventilation with trachs.
    Instructor:  Katrina Cambigue BS, RCP, RRT-ACCS Katrina is a respiratory therapist at Kaiser Santa Rosa Pulmonary Rehab as well and a clinical instructor at Napa Valley Community College.
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    Tracheostomy Tubes Webinar: Comparisons and Choices

    Tracheostomy Tubes Webinar: Comparisons and Choices is a 2 hour recorded course that is all about different types of tracheostomy tubes and how to choose the most appropriate tracheostomy tube for your patient.  Even those working with trach tubes for years will likely learn something new in this detail oriented course on trach tubes.  In this course, the risk of inappropriate tracheostomy tubes based on the size and length will be provided. The course will also provide information on different trach tube materials, size, length, cuff type, cuff vs cuffless, single vs double cannula, fenestrated, subglottic suctioning and custom tubes.  The Tracheostomy Tubes Webinar will provide information on  patient candidacy for the types of tubes.  Course is for physicians, respiratory therapists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, speech-language pathologists, and any clinician caring for patients with tracheostomy. Course Format: Video Powerpoint with author narration and video samples Presenter: Mona Lisa Baxter BA, RRT, RRT-ACCS Mona is an Adult Critical Care Respiratory Therapist with extensive background in teaching and presenting respiratory topics, currently contracting with Legacy Mt. Hood Hospital in Graham Oregon. Application for continuing education credit has been made to AARC for 1 CRCE. Course Certificate is provided upon completion.

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